Restaurant Seasonal closing day 9 September

Rooftop restaurant and mixology bar,
underneath the moon and the stars,
in the heart of Costa Smeralda

Le Terrazze Ritual

Our restaurant “Le Terrazze Ritual” comes to life from Andres Fiore’s premonitory vision, overlooking the top of his chameleonic creation standing on the mountain overlooking Baja Sardinia. It was strongly wanted by Francesca Fiore’s desire to give continuity and evolution to the place where her father Andres had designed and built an inaccessible roof garden.

Looking at the sea, ‘Le Terrazze Ritual‘ release all their beauty, reflecting the light of the sun during the day, and seeming to touch the moon and the starry sky in the evening.
We will immediately take you on an exclusive experiential and sensorial journey that will involve all five senses, accompanied by an endless sunset first and then by the immensity of the Milky Way.

Once you’ve climbed the granite stairs, a beautiful landscape will open in front of you eyes, a place where you can taste the best mixology cocktails from the aperitif until late at night and at the same time, inebriate your taste buds through a culinary journey, a riot of tastes, flavors and aromas. , seasoned with an excellent selection of sparkling and fine wines. The refinement of the environment is at the same time warm, engaging, joyful and enriched by the pleasant sounds carefully chosen by our DJs.

Timeless music temple

A timeless temple reigning over Baja Sardinia, located amid the rocks, olives and myrtles trees.

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