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The idea that brought to life Le Terrazze Ritual follows the footsteps of the life experiences undertaken by Andres Fiore, creator of the venue.

A gastronomic and cultural journey, where Sardinian and Mediterranean traditions face overseas flavors, innovative techniques and creative flair.

A synthesis that mixes the initiative of the traveler and the culinary culture, in an endless journey, where tradition and experimentation chase each other in a spiral of avant-garde research.

Wisely grasping the best of each country, cleverly mixing Nikkei, Northern European, Italian and Central American style, the dishes born from the skilled hands of our chef Riccardo Pacifico are a synthesis of international traditions and excellence.

Riccardo Pacifico.

Animated by a great affinity with the discipline, he began his career taking part as a professor in the cooking classes of the Richmond University in Rome and cooking for dinners and private events.

The desire for knowledge and refinement of the culinary art led him to enroll in Alma, an international school of Italian cuisine directed by Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi.

He continues his journey in the kitchens of the three Michelin stars ‘Dal Pescatore’ in Canneto sull’Oglio, where he works alongside the chef Nadia Santini, with whom he shares an interest in the cultural aspects of the cuisine that will deeply mark his style.

Following a path that has now been traced, he enters the kitchen of ‘La Pergola’ in Rome, as a demichef de partie a entremetier alongside the famous Heinz Beck.

In 2018, a new challenge led him to open the ‘Gramigna – Culinary Resistance’ restaurant in the Flaminio district of Rome, where he still exuberantly expresses all his passion for Italian cuisine.

From 2019 it has responded to the Ritual’s call to embark on a new path based on catering at the head of the kitchen of ‘Le Terrazze Ritual’.

Menu terrazze 2021

Allergeni – Allergens
1 Cerali contenenti glutine – Cereals containing gluten
2 Crostacei e prodotti a base di crostacei -Crustaceans and products thereof
3 Uova e prodotti a base di uova – Eggs and products thereof
4 Pesce e prodotti a base di pesce – Fish and products thereof
5 Arachidi e prodotti a base di arachidi – Peanuts and products thereof
6 Soia e prodotti a base di soia – Soybeans and products thereof
7 Latte e prodotti a base di latte (incluso lattosio) – Milk and products thereof (including lactose)
8 Frutta a guscio: mandorle, nocciole, noci – Nuts namely almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts
9 Sedano e prodotti a base di sedano – Celery and products thereof
10 Senape e prodotti a base di senape – Mustard and products thereof
11 Semi di sesamo e prodotti a base di semi di sesamo – Sesame seeds and products thereof
12 Anidride solforosa e solfiti- Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
13 Lupini e prodotti a base di lupini- Lupin and products thereof
14 Molluschi e prodotti a base di molluschi – Molluscs and products thereof

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