Club opening: May 31st

More than a castle, more than a club,
the original timeless music temple.


Ritual is the amazing result of a magical combination of Andres Fiore’s eclectic genius and the unruliness of the Sardinian nature. It’s a timeless temple reigning over Baja Sardinia, located amid the rocks, olives and myrtles trees.

A perfect example of harmonic fusion between natural landscape and architecture. Ritual was created as a meeting point for artists from all over the world; today it’s a real summer nights’ ritual.

Ritual creates around it a unique and mystic scenery: a granite castle with its legends, symbols, forms and lights and shadow games.

Discover The Magical Story
A very unique timeless music temple which everyone should visit once in their life.

Life in Sardinia is probably the best a man can wish: twenty-four-thousands kilometers of forests, countryside, shores immersed in a miraculous sea, this corresponds to what I would suggest God to give us as Paradise.”

Fabrizio De André, 1996

Rooftop restaurant and mixology bar, underneath the moon and the stars, in the heart of Costa Smeralda

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